Shelter from winds
There is adequate protection by South and North winds.
Facilities / Fees - Services - Rules
The Pillars is under construction.
Garbage - Sewage - Oil Disposal
There are baskets and bins for the garbage throughout the length of the port that are collected by refuse vehicles of Chios municipality.
Port Mgt Office / Clerking charge

Management Office is Intermunicipal Port Office of Chios..

Telephone: 2271022770 & 2271023237
Fax: 2271040344
E-mail: ltxiou@otenet.gr

Slide’s Characteristics
There is a slide for boats.

Kardamyla is located at a distance of 28 km from the town of Chios, towards the north. It is divided into two sections. The upper section is also the older village, spreading at the feet of a steep hill called "Grias Mount". The village is of traditional architecture, narrow streets, cobblestone alleys and covered passages are typical local features, just as typical are the houses, mainly built in stone.

The lower village, called Marmaro, 2 Km from the upper village, is built in the inner part of the bay, protected by the small island Nisi. Many beautiful mansions are built there by many seafarers and ship-owners of local origin.

A distinguishing mark of Marmaro is the statue of the Sailor from Kardamyla, created by sculptor Apartis, set in the harbor square. Walking in the narrow streets of Marmaro is a pleasant experience that will make one feel the typical island atmosphere of Chios.

At Kardamyla apart from its beautiful and clean seashores, the visitor can also see the ancient settlement Spilia, the church of Aghios Nicolas, as well as other numerous small churches filled with offerings from the families of sailors.