Shelter from winds
Both summer and winter there is adequate protection in the port.
Facilities / Fees - Services - Rules

There are pillars.

Garbage - Sewage - Oil Disposal

There are baskets and bins for the garbage throughout the length of the port that are collected by refuse vehicles of Chios municipality.

Port Mgt Office / Clerking charge

Management Office is Intermunicipal Port Office of Chios..

Telephone: 2271022770 & 2271023237
Fax: 2271040344

Slide’s Characteristics
There is a slide for boats in the central pier.
Special Info for this port
It is port of connection between Chios and Psara. There is also an itinerary between Piraeus – Psara – Chio – Mytilene.
Café – Taverns close by or at the inner part, of the port
Around the port there are cafes and restaurants in a pleasant environment near the sea. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy delicious drinks, and also taste local food and fresh fish.

Psara is undoubtedly one of the most famous Greek islands for its history. The archaeological findings on the island demonstrate that there is a continuous human presence from the Final Neolithic period (5th-4th millennium BC) to the 5th century.The settlement is located in the southwestern part of the island.

There are several beaches, with famous Lakka and Lemnos and is a destination for those who love history and quiet holiday.