Port of Chios


Port of Chios is very important to the development of the island. It is fully integrated in the town. That justifies why many local people live and work daily on the port. Around it there is a pedestrian area, which walkers choose for their hike.


The port is located in the central - eastern part of the island. It is 3.5 miles from the peninsula of Eritrea in Cesme. The port accommodates 2 passenger / cargo ships of 20,000 tons each one and 1 passenger ship of 700 tons at the same time. The maximum depth of the port is 8.20 meters. In the southern part there is a marina, where there are many fishing boats, sailing boats and yacht.


Land and port area engraved in January 1952. The port was constructed in July 1985 and is the only marine gateway for passenger ships.