Chios Island

The Island of Chios

T he Island of Chios has 66 villages. Each has its beauty and its particular characteristics. It is certainly worth to visit.

Below only are the most tourist villages or places:

Central Chios


A tourist seaside 7 km south of the city. There are many hotels and a lovely long beach with golden sand. Summer has many tourists.


Located 7 km south of Chios town. It is one of the largest villages on the island with about 1600 inhabitants. At 2km from Thymiana is the port of Ag. Hermione Megas Limionas.


16 kilometers from the city of Chios, a rocky hill is the picturesque village of Avgonima. The houses are built with stone. During sunset, the view of the Aegean sea and of Psara and clean beach Elinta are unique motifs for visitors.


16km from the town, is built on a conical cliff 450 meters above the sea, with steep sides to the south and west and with only a single access to the north.

The village was abandoned after the terrible massacres of 1822 and today is a national monument for all the people of Chios. The houses inside the walls were narrow and made of the same grey stone. They have flat roofs, low doors and tiny windows like loopholes.

Called Mystras of the Aegean.


The name probably comes from the characteristic of "True Port" given there by old travellers. Lithi is the birthplace of Andreas Siggros.

Lithi is known as a fishing village. The sunset is unique and unforgettable. It is worthwhile to visit the sandy beach and enjoy the beautiful sea and fresh fish.

Other attractions:
Nea Moni

The monastic complex of Nea Moni, the most prominent monument of medieval times in Chios, founded in the mid 11th century.

Nea Moni is a monument of international importance, but repeatedly destroyed in the 19th century. In 1822 was sacked by the Turkish and was also destroyed by the earthquake of 1881. Nea Moni belongs to the monuments designated as a World Heritage Site and protected by UNESCO

Southern Chios

The land of mastic. You could find Mastic trees only in South Chios. South Chios includes 24 villages. Some of them are:

Located 25 km from the city of Chios. Features that make the village unique is the black and white geometric decoration of the exterior house’s walls.

A distance of 5 km is the beach Mavra Volia, with deep but clear water that emerges from the volcano.


It is a medieval village which has been rebuilt. The people who live there maintain a long tradition in making and decorating ceramics such as pitchers, vases, jugs, mugs and bowls so there is a wonderful collection of local ceramics. Also on a hill is the Byzantine Castle of Apolichnon.


It is a medieval village of the 14th century and is located 31 kilometers southwest of the Chios city. The nearest beach to the village is Kato Fana.

At 3 km from the Olympous is the cave of Sykia with stalactites and stalagmites.


36 km in southwest of the city are Mesta, a well-preserved village - castle of the Byzantine period (12th-15th century).

The medieval castle village which has been declared a landmark, built with grey stone. Leads back centuries, while there is little deterioration suffered over the years.

At a distance of 4 km is the Port of Mesta.


About 21 km south of Chios Town, is a village with about 850 inhabitants. Near the village of Kalamoti is the beach of Komi, one of the most cosmopolitan beaches.


It is a coastal village, distance 16 kilometers south of Chios town.The village has a small and beautiful harbor, a wonderful beach and many taverns offering fresh fish and seafood.

Northern Chios


It is a coastal town, 4 km north of Chios, in the East of the Epos mountain. Its population is 4500 people, many of whom are sailors.

The rock of Daskalopetra, is one of the most famous monuments of the island. Was closely associated with the tradition of Homer and was the School of the great poet.

Vrontados is known for his custom rocketwar –between two churches – in the Easter.


16 km north of Chios town is the picturesque seaside village of Lagada, with large natural harbor. The people (especially in the past) were mostly sailors and fishermen.

In Lagkada today, visitors can rent out rooms and enjoy traditional seafood and appetizers in restaurants located along the beach.


Is a village near Sikiada. It has a natural port and taverns.


Located 28 km from Chios Town. Divided into two villages. The upper section is the old village. The village is characterized by its traditional architecture, narrow streets and the houses that are built mainly of stone. Ancient Kardamyla is described by Thucydides

The lower village called Marble and is 2 km from the upper village. The marble is built in the inner part of the beach and is protected by the small island called "Island."

5 km from Kardamyla, in the northern part of the island, located Nagos. It is a small picturesque beach with colourful small pebbles, attracts many visitors. The water is crystal clear and very cold as this area there are several springs. The area has rooms for rent and taverns offering seafood. One km after, is Giosonas, a picturesque beach with big and small pebbles, which usually has big waves. The water is clear but cold.


Located 40 km from the capital of the island and is the largest village in northwestern Chios.

Agio Galas

72 km from the city, the village is built on the northwest Chios.

Unique caves with stalactites and stalagmites extend below the village.

The name of the village means milky water falling from the stalactites of the cave.

In the prefecture of Chios belongs also the isalnds:


Is 9 nM from Chios port or 5 nM by Lagada. The port of Oinouses is large and safe. You could choose between Zegapa, Vilali or Castle beaches.


It is a small island near 45 miles from the port of Chios or 17n.M.



Chios Island
Beaches close to town

There are seasides close to town, such as the Bella Vista beach. It is an organized beach with umbrellas and seats, very close to the port. At the outskirts of the town there are other seasides such as Ormos Lo beach, Afanis Naftis, Agia Paraskevi and Daskalopetra. They are at the Vrontados waterfront, more or less a ten-minute drive from the town. In all of them there are canteens or cafes near by and also taverns, enabling the visitor to combine their swim with lunch or refreshments

North Side Beaches

Heading north, you first encounter Mersinidi beach, a relatively unknown and not very easily accessible beach until recently. However, after the path that leads to the seaside was improved, it has become one of the most popular seasides. There is no canteen there, so visitors are advised to bring water or other drinks. Another choice in the same area is Glaroi beach, a vivid destination known for the loud music and party atmosphere that has become a hot spot for the youths of the island. The visitor can enjoy the deep blue sea with a coffee or drink. The canteen also provides seats and sun beds. However, the visitor can choose simply to lie on the beach. Near Kardamyla village there are three beautiful seasides, Giosonas, with large white pebbles, Nagos and Gialiskari. A visit to these seasides can be combined with an excursion to Kardamyla, or even norther.

West Side Beaches

At the northwest side of Chios, there are a lot of choices among small and large gulfs, with green blue waters. At dozens of these seasides the pine trees reach the sea. Driving from the south, from Mesta village towards Volissos you can reach dozens of seasides of the west coast, such as Agia Eirini, Lithi, Elinda, Metochi, Tigani, Trachili, Prastia, Magemena, Managros, Limnia, Lefkathia, Limnos, Lampsa, Agia Markella. From the northwest seasides you can see the island of Psara, which also has lots of interesting and beautiful seasides. Even norther, there are more seasides with crystal clear waters such as Ezousa, Agios Isidoros, Agios Georgios, Agiasmata etc. However, the most important thing to remember is that not all seasides are referenced in the island’s tourist guides, so sea trips can often hide a surprise – you never know what you are going to get

South Side Beaches

The south part of the island also offers plenty of choices regarding seasides. There is the highly touristic beach of Karfas, a sandy beach surrounded by numerous cafes, restaurants and hotels. Also, Komi near Kalamoti village is a cosmopolitan seaside, another hot spot for young people and families. There is also the beach of Megas Limnionas, after Karfas and the popular beach of Agia Foteini (Agia Fotia) on the road to Kallimasia village. After that we reach Katarraktis village built on the waterfront with excellent fish taverns. Then there is Nenita, with two seasides, Gridia and Vokaria, Ayios Yannis, Viri and Lilikas. However, the first seaside that comes to mind when thinking of the south part is Mavra Volia beach, perhaps the most famous beach of Chios. The black pebbles, a result of volcanic activity in ancient times, high rocks and dark blue waters form an impressive scenery. Southeast of Mavra Volia, lies another impressive seaside, Vroulidia, with small pebbles and green waters and with a view to Venetiko islet.

Other worth visiting seasides near the medieval villages of the south are Avlonia, Kato Fana, Agia Dynami, Karinda, Apotheca, Salagona, Didima. These are a bit remote, not very popular, but definitely worth a visit.